Thinking Tools for Creativity and Innovation (gebundenes Buch)

The Little Handbook of Innovation Methods
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2021
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This manual offers a comprehensive and visually well-prepared overview of creative processes and thinking tools. This bestselling user guide offers an extensive and visually appealing outline of all creative processes and thinking tools. It is suitable for beginners as well as for those ready to widen their thinking horizon, but also for creative professionals looking for a useful hands-on compendium. As an innovation coach, Florian Rustler helps the creativity of individuals and groups and provides tools and structures with which ideas can be systematically developed. The content is based on over 50 years of scientific research on creativity and innovation and over 10 years of consulting and moderation experience of the author. All approaches have been tried and tested in real customer projects worldwide. The methods are always embedded in a larger framework that shows how they can be anchored in innovation processes such as design thinking and creative problem solving. The reader learns exactly when, how and why which procedure is used.
Florian Rustler is an international consultant for innovation and agile forms of business. He is the founder of Creaffective GmbH. He advises companies on the topics of innovation culture, innovation management, structures and processes of self-organization and self-administration. In addition, he writes to include columns, innovation and self-organization for various world magazines. In addition, he is a speaker on the topics of innovation, self-organization and action at conferences and corporate events.